The following is a list of published papers to which Mr. Ufferman has contributed.

"Big Macs and Sentences: Under What Circumstances Can a Judge Increase the Original Sentence That Was Imposed?"
Michael Ufferman, Florida Defender (a publication of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers), Volume 23, No. 3, Fall 2010, at 10.

"Representing noncitizens in criminal cases after Padilla v. Kentucky?"
Michael Ufferman, The Ex Parte (a publication of the Brevard County Bar Association), September 2010, at 16.

"Jury Questions in Criminal Cases: Neutral Arbiters or Active Interrogators?"
Robert Augustus Harper and Michael Robert Ufferman
Florida Bar Journal, Feb. 2004 at 8; reprinted with permission in the Florida Defender, Vol. 16, No. 1, Spring 2004, at 24.

"Right to Be Let Alone? - Has the adoption of article I, section 23, in the Florida Constitution, which explicitly provides for a state right of privacy, resulted in greater privacy protection for Florida citizens?"
Major B. Harding, Mark J. Criser, & Michael R. Ufferman
14 Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy, Issue No. 2, 2000, at 945.

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